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The leading financial market forecast - World-wide distribution to the industry

Jeffrey S. Bickford, Editor is the financial industry's resource for early market forecasts. Primary focus includes the U.S. stock market, yield rates and the U.S. Treasury market, the EC versus U. S. dollar, and the energy markets. Focus will change in accordance with changing market conditions.'s proprietary systems provide early and accurate forecasts, benefiting capital borrowers / lenders, capital managers, as well as market traders.

Records of all past forecasts are reviewed through the directory of forecast records.

Markets are dynamic and Plazaview's forecasts are issued weekly, in clear terms with fresh insight to market condition and direction. Forecasts are e-mailed to subscribers. This early forecast information is applied to an array of capital managment areas, including: lending, stock, bond, futures and related market opportunities. Hedge fund managers, mortgage bankers and brokers with long or short term investment objectives are more informed and empowered by Plazaview's early forecasts. Weekly insight to future market direction gives Plazaview subscribers the advantage to advise clients and position capital ahead of the market.

The (Plazaview) forecast information is a market news service, directed to market professionals. Investment advice is not provided.

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